Tofta beach

An outstanding beach, the most popular on Gotland, located 20 km south of Visby – a separate bicycle road goes there. The beach is unofficially divided into Lill-Tofta (the northern beach) and Stor-Tofta (the southern beach). At Lill-Tofta you will find families with children, delightful sand dunes, serious volleyball players and Kisspölen (”Wee-wee Pool”), a small pool of water that forms every year a few metres from the real sea and is popular with small children – hence its name. At Stor-Tofta you will find people who enjoy congregating, music, stunts and the water slide as well as volleyball players who are less serious but have larger pectoral muscles and more glossy bodies. You can also rent pedal boats by the shore here, and you are close to kiosks and restaurants.


The largest and most popular beach on Fårö. There is not the same division here as on Tofta; families with children and volleyball players coexist side by side. The water at Sudersand is shallow for a long way out, which is favoured by kite-surfers, families with children and pedal boaters.

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The beach where shallow water extends out the farthest. It is located 30 km north of Visby on the east side. When you are 50 metres out in the water and think that it is beginning to get deep, you come upon a sandbank that makes the water even shallower. Then it becomes too cold to go farther out – optimal for families with children! Up by the restaurant there is also a pool for the diffident swimmers.


There are four beaches here within 5 km. In the heart of Visby, there is Kallbadhuset, the cold public bathhouse, which locals call Kallis. Visby’s best “Après Beach” is here. After 2 km you will find Norderstrand, with two jetties, and then comes Gustavsvik, which has a jetty adapted for the disabled, and last but not least there’s Snäck Badstrand. There are two concrete jetties, a sandy beach and a water slide here. An extremely beautiful beach promenade links these 4 beaches, and it is perfect for cycling.